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Kevin. Home when you’re not.

The most realistic IoT burglary prevention gadget today

What to do after a burglary

Oh no, it happened to you! :-( A burglar has made it into your home…

But don’t panic, we have put together a checklist where you can tick off the to do’s one by one.

□ If it’s possible that the burglar is still in your place, leave the place immediately and call the police, e.g. from your neighbours’ house

□ In case you have seen the intruder, or even have a surveillance camera that taped something, give that to the police

□ Don’t touch anything!

□ Check what is missing - in case you had made an inventory list of your things, this will come in handy now

□ Check out your insurance policy and contact them to make a claim. They will ask you for the police report.

□ Anything that you need to replace quickly, such as a broken window or door handle?

□ Start thinking about the right safety system for the future - Kevin might help you as he simulates presence while you’re not home. Check out more in the video below: