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Kevin. Home when you’re not.

The most realistic IoT burglary prevention gadget today

Thinking about a smart home? What you should know.

Are you thinking about turning your home into a smart home? Let us tell you what you should be aware of before going on the shopping spree.

First of all, you should know WHY you want a smart home. Do you want to protect your home from burglaries, or just be able to remote control certain devices? Do you want a specific device to be automated?

Once you’re clear on this, you will quickly see that there is a huge selection of smart home devices out there. How can you make the right choice? We have some tips for you!

  • check out whether the installation and usage is easy - remember that smart home shouldn’t overcomplicate your life, but make it easier

  • check out whether the devices are open to be connected to other smart home devices - you might want to extend your smart home in a later stage

  • look out for reviews and testimonials - how happy are other users with it?

With Kevin, we have created a burglary prevention device that is simple to use. As presence simulation is the most effective burglar deterrent, we wanted to make sure to create a simple tool for everyone who wants to make this possible without already owning a smart home or without technical knowledge beforehand.

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