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Kevin. Home when you’re not.

The most realistic IoT burglary prevention gadget today

How burglars act and a legal secret you might not know

There are plenty of myths about burglars and burglaries we have come across since we started mitipi. Let’s talk about those!

Burglars only come at night
The most important thing to remember is that burglars are an opportunistic crowd. If they see an opportunity, they will act. If they see that you’re not home, they will enter. And as most of us are out all day, working, they often break in during the day. According to the burglary report 2015 from the German insurance business, 13.6% of all burglaries occur between 10 am and 12pm and 16.8% between 12 and 2pm. 18% occur between 4pm and 6pm.

Burglars wouldn’t find anything at my place
That might be true, but how should they know in advance? Burglars favour a quick break in and getting out, and often see very quickly if they see something that’s valuable (as in: they can sell it quickly or it’s cash).

The insurance will anyways pay, so I don’t care…
First thing to check here is whether your insurance would really pay. But let’s talk about the insurance technicalities in another post :-)
The biggest issue when having a burglary is often not the things you lose, or you need to replace; it’s the psychological consequences: the feeling of safety is lost as the burglar invades your privacy. There are cases of people who needed to move away after a burglary, couldn’t sleep anymore or have issues adjusting to their routines again.

Burglars only enter big homes
As said in the beginning, burglars are opportunistic and often only want something they can quickly turn into cash. Appartments can also be a good option as they’re also often in more urban areas, where the neighbourhood is not super attentive and they can act without being disturbed.

Burglars plan ahead and observe you for days
Not all of them! They often want to break in and get out fast, and check for opportunities that are open at this very moment. Check out the interview we did with a burglar where he told us how he acts.

Burglars don’t care if you’re home or not
Of course, you always hear the tragic stories of people who were robbed while being home, but that’s not the majority. Mostly, burglars want to avoid confrontation. If someone notices them, the probability of getting caught because they call the police is higher. Moreover, there are legal implications: if they break in and steal your stuff, it is considered a break in. If they break in while you’re home, you notice them and they need to use force, and it’s considered a robbery. The two crimes differ in the penalty.

Kevin simulates you being home while you’re out enjoying your life. Lights, animated shadow effects and acoustics make it seem like you’re there.