Your Safety

To be safe, you need more than just insurance. It’s the combination of prevention, detection and insurance. But there’s no holistic offer to get all-in-one…yet!

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We offer the first safety-subscription: you get smart home technology and insurance according to the size of your home and number of people.
As a subscriber, you get (click on the plus to read more):

+ Prevention: Kevin

Kevin is the device we have developed ourselves, as we didn't find anything comparable out there. Kevin simulates your presence with lights, sounds and animated shadow effects to deter burglars. Read more here.

+ Detection: Camera

The connected camera detects movement in your home and notifies you via your smartphone. You can then decide what to do.

+ Insurance: home insurance

With mitipi, you get the most extensive home insurance there is. It not only protects your home from fire, water and burglary like normal insurances do, but covers more probable risks, for example if your smartphone falls down and you need to replace it. Read more about the home insurance here. If you already have a home insurance elsewhere, we’ll manage the transition process for you - no worries for you!

+ Insurance: private liability

Whenever you damage something of someone else, the private liability insurance is there for you! Read more here.

+ Insurance: deductible

Are you tired of paying the deductible when you have a damage in your household insurance? You don’t need to look further, the mitipi deductible insurance is here! Read more here.

+ anti-burglary guarantee

This is the highest commitment you can get in the market! You will get your money back for a whole year if you have been burglarized despite using our services!