Kevin, scaring off burglars with light, shadow and audioeffects

smart home presence simulation gadget


Prevention: Kevin

Kevin is the most sophisticated internet of things, smart home burglary prevention gadget in the world today. He can even play entire weekly routines when you’re not home.

So Kevin’s shadow effects and recordings of real audio make your home look inhabited, even while you’re out enjoying life.

Not having to worry about your home is the best feeling ever.


Kevin is 1 of 3 measures that will make your house all around worry-free.

Prevention, Detection and Insurance. Click the graphic to learn more.

3 Reasons why prevention is the best way to fight burglary

  • Nothing got stolen

  • Nothing got touched by a stranger

  • No hassle with police and insurance

A burglar doesn’t enter your house if he thinks, somebody’s home.

Since Kevin lives at my place, I feel a lot more safe to leave.
— Raphael, Zürich

We show you the functions of Kevin with our demonstration app! Soundquality, Kevin’s design and the app have gotten better since. Stay updated for new content soon.