Home insurance

Get the most extensive coverage in the market.


Imagine you turn your house upside down

Whatever will fall out, is insured with the home insurance. Home insurance usually includes fire, water and burglary. You probably have one already, but you get more for your money with us. The question is, how is the risk for your household insured? With us, you’ll get an extensive coverage.

We do not argue with you whether you have the right level of coverage, we pay. It’s all digital, you will not have to talk to a broker. We rather invest the salary we safe on the broker into a better coverage for you.

If you want an insurance that pays without you having to study the terms to understand what is included and what not, then this insurance is for you!

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*for partial damages; underinsurance waiver for elemental damages not possible due to regulations

Together with our prevention device Kevin and a connected camera system to detect if something moves in your home when it shouldn’t, you have covered all three parts: prevention, detection and insurance.

Already got a home insurance? No worries - we will arrange the transition for you!