Break-ins gone wrong... or stupid burglars?

Not all criminals are smart and plan far ahead. To sweeten the Friday afternoon and thus the waiting time for the weekend, we have collected the dumbest or funniest burglar stories for you.

The selfie-king:

Ashley Keast has obtained access to a property, jewelry, electronic equipment and a car stolen. He also stole a SIM card. So far everything is like a normal burglary. But Ashley is different from the others! He felt that it would be a good moment to shoot a selfie. Of course he wanted to share this with his friends immediately. Just stupid that it went via the stolen SIM card also to the employees of the stolen. These have the police, and our selfie-king lands discussing in prison! Found at:

Can one be arrested during the day for a burglary?

You can! Unfortunately, James did not know this and had to experience it... Read at: Https://

Social media should always be enjoyed with caution...

We teach it daily to our children: think about what you post on Facebook and how much time you spend in front of the screen... A 19-year-old thief broke in a house in Pennsilvanya. The diamonds already in his luggage when he noticed the computer. Why not just check on Facebook what the friends are doing? Great idea, especially if you don't log out afterwards... More at:

The one who does everything for croquettes..

Croquettes are really great. Sometimes you can't resist them... That's also what James thinks. In the middle of breaking in a house, he saw that the family has croquettes. He cooks and eats them with pleasure. And what should you do after a good meal? Exactly – 1000 steps or a nap.. What do you think he decided to do? Found on:

Bad luck with the victim

Two women in Würzburg were masquerading as fundraising collectors. Slight problem: they rang at a police officer's door... Of course, he knew about those tricks and immediately knew how to act...


Who do you think is the dumbest burglar of our list? Or do you even have any stories to add?