How do I protect myself from burglaries during the Christmas season?

Christmas – Time for reflection, candles, mulled wine,... and burglars! The holidays are popular to break in: It is dark early and many people are on vacation or visit relatives to spend Christmas. So, in today's blog post, we'll show you how to protect yourself from burglars.

Don't show that nobody is home
If mail piles up in your mailbox, it's pretty clear that no one is home. Therefore, pause your newspaper subscriptions and ask someone to empty your mailbox on a regular basis. This person can also water the plants: this will not only make your return more pleasant, it also avoids the appearance of an absent owner. Closed shutters are a clear sign that no one is at home.

Don't tell too many people that you're going away – also not on social media
Don’t share your initiaries with too many people. On social media, you don’t always know who’s reading your posts or with whom they are sharing them. People will still be jealous if you post your vacation pictures after your return…

Don’t make your valuables visible
Avoid displaying valuables to see from the outside.

Inform your neighbours
Tell your neighbours when you’re gone. If they know that you’re supposed to be home and see or hear something strange, they can react quickly.

Simulate your presence
Lights and acoustics can simulate that you’re home when you are actually not. With Kevin by Mitipi – soon on Kickstarter!

With this in mind, the mitipi team wishes you a nice holiday without any break-ins!