Burglar-proof garden // bye bye burglars guide part 1

In last weeks blog we gathered some good websites, to find out more about how to secure your house adequately. Now we condensed these informations and combined them with our experiences, to offer you our own anti burglary guide called bye bye burglars. We want to separate the measures into three segments:

  • What to do to prevent burglary (presence-simulation, garden, home entry)

  • What to do during a burglary (intervention, non-intervention)

  • What to do after a burglary (police, insurance, psychological)

It is all about precluding the burglar to break-in to your private rooms. What will stop him (or her; some burglars are women) before he enters the living area? The more barriers he has to face, the most likely he is going to be stopped. So what are common barriers and deterrents to keep him outside?

Today we talk about how to prepare the garden to be a burglar unfriendly environment.

We will start from the garden. If you don’t have one, or you simply live in a city apartment, then you can go to the outer lockings (upload soon). If you do, then keep in mind, these 5 points focus solely on informations concerning burglary. They do not take into account other important factors of your living space such as design, ease of use or just general aesthetics.


Barrier (A)

If you have a fence or similar barriers around your garden and house, you should make sure, to regularly check for them to be intact and not too easy to climb over. Especially with the potential valuables, which the burglar will carry when leaving the property. Also they might act as nice hiding spots, so keep that in mind when constructing new fences etc.

Hideout (B)

Trees and bushes can help the burglar as hideouts. To have them nicely trimmed harbors not only aesthetic value but also a better overview of what’s going on in your garden.

Tools (C)

Have your gardening tools locked up somewhere inside instead of leaving them out in the garden. Those tools can easily be used by the intruder, to open windows or doors, without really being an evidence object if left behind.

Climbing help (D)

Sometimes burglars need to reach a higher window to enter, so don’t leave any high movable objects in the garden, which the burglars could use to climb up somewhere. Sturdy garbage bins, ladders, chairs, tables or similar objects should optimally be secured far from higher windows, be really heavy or attached to the ground.

Hidden keys (E)

Don’t hide keys in your garden! It is very common for many households, to have a hidden key in the garden, just in case you cannot find the one you had with you. Burglars know where you put those keys, and if they don’t, they know how to look for them.

This was the first part of the bye bye burglars anti burglary guide. We will crosslink them in the future, so you can easily jump from topic to topic once the other parts are uploaded. If you have any questions about Kevin (our burglary prevention gadget) or on how to secure your house in general, we are happy to help: contact us on get@mitipi.com or sign up to our newsletter for more useful informations.

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