Best burglary info websites

There’s no need to say, that we, as producers of a burglary prevention gadget, have informed ourselves about burglary quite extensively. We talked to burglars, victims, psychologists, general experts in home security and insurance representatives. But of course there are many other specialists in the anti-break-in field. This is why for today’s blog we gathered some of the best websites in German (some French and Italian as well), where you can find information about how you can secure your house or apartment ideally as well as what to do after an actual burglary has taken place there.

The police is your friend and helper

The first place, where every citizen should seek help in safety and security topics, is, of course, the police. They, as our friends and helpers, are the first contact point. We pay for their services with our tax money so they assist us wherever they can, to avoid and clear up criminal cases. If you are German speaking, then we found Zürich’s and Bern’s police websites to hold good advice on what to do before and after a burglary. This information is universal, meaning you can apply the knowledge location-independently. Inform yourself at your local police station. They sometimes offer free burglary advice if you sign up, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Then we have the association of homeowners in whom’s interest it is too keep their houses burglary safe, even if they’re not the ones living in them. They have set up a great guide to prepare your living space in this matter. If you rent a place, we also recommend you talk to your homeowner about this topic, since this is a great way to connect through a shared goal, to keep your home and their property safe. If you want some information in a video, you can go to the Beobachter’s page to find out what other advantages you can get from protecting your home, like saving your cat’s life.

The German lock company ABUS also put together some good articles on how to prevent burglaries. Worth a read if you want the insights of a strong player in the field of keeping burglars on the outside of your walls. And last but not least we have two of the best pages to find basically all the information you need. Sicheres Wohnen Schweiz (Safe Living Switzerland) and the Schweizerische Kriminalprävention (Swiss Criminal Prevention). They’re both in German, French and Italian and offer elaborate information reaching from prevention to recommended post-burglary actions.

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