Christmas break-ins in Switzerland

The Schwyz Canton Police has reported 10 break-ins over Christmas, yielding a total stolen value of over 200’000 CHF.

It is important to point out that within this average of 20’000 CHF stolen per burgled household, material damage to the house is not included. Depending on the method chosen to break in and the destruction caused by the burglar, this can mean another significant amount to add on top of the stolen goods. A lot of back and forth with the police and the insurance is another annoying consequence of such an event.

The local police of the normally peaceful canton of Schwyz has recently also reported on another person who could be connected to many burglaries. Namely in October 2018 when a criminal suspected of perpetrating a whopping 56 burglaries was apprehended in Glarus, and has finally been charged of having operated on Schwyz soil too.

During the Christmas holidays, Winterthur suffered through a massive burglary as well, highlighting one particular break-in with a target valued at over 100’000 CHF. Of course this is an extreme example, especially because they stole coins in different alloyed metals, but the fact of the matter is, it happens here and now. We have to stop burglaries from happening. The damage of a break-in is huge on so many different levels and we cannot just accept that as a fact.

Having deterring elements at home is the best way to avoid break-ins. The utility and applications of Kevin save not only the monetary value of the goods stored in your house, but also prevent the psychological consequences of a burglary. Help us protect you.

Victor Roth