Current development of Kevin

We wanted to update you on Kevin's development, so read here what we're working on :-) 

On the development side, we are currently working on the geo-fencing function. This means that Kevin will turn on automatically as soon as you (and your phone) are away from home. We also want to create a hassle-free set up of the device, that’s why we’re working on Bluetooth low energy communication. Moreover, we’re working on a system to support multiple users and over-the-air upgrades for firmware and activity content. And we are for sure committed to latest security standards and are therefore working on the encryption of data. 

Jakob just spent a week in China at the manufacturer’s office to get the production process going. 

Jakob in China.jpeg

Watch the video to see what’s happening with Kevin 😁

Say hi to Meg - our newest team member! She’s about to move to Switzerland from the US. As our content magician, she’s responsible for the activities that will be played on Kevin. She’s a great fit as she studied musical theatre in the UK for three years and worked as a theatre director and instructor in the US. She surely knows something about scripts, as well as the differences between households in the US and in the UK! Meg will be contacting creators to source Kevin's daily activities, and making sure he creates a realistic simulation for you.

Meg content.jpeg

Aleksandra, our Designer is currently working on hardware interaction and the onboarding experience. We want you to love Kevin from the start, so the unpacking experience, as well as the packaging design, needs to be appealing already. Then, Aleksandra is taking care of the setup experience, which has to be logic and fun, both in offline and online mode. Moreover, she’s thinking about how to explain the operations and control in a user-friendly and fun way to you.
Here's what a test looks like:


We have presented Kevin to Digitec, the biggest online retailer in Switzerland - and now you can pre-order Kevin there! 😁check out how nicely he fits in: Kevin on digitec