[Video] The first 50 Kevins produced!

Jakob just returned from our production site in China to oversee the progress that has been made. The first 50 Kevins were produced with our tools and are now used to detect the last errors, and for the certifications.

We are in the final stages of getting this awesome piece of technology out into the big, wide world. Last improvements and tweaks are being implemented as to how we can perfect the product, it’s inner workings and the Software to go with it. The Kevins are looking great and soon they are ready to protect your house from burglaries.

Check out this short edit by our new team member Victor, showing an inside view of the production site:

You can pre-order your personal Kevin from shop.mitipi.com. But if you’d rather WIN A KEVIN, you can go check out our Advent Giveaway on Instagram.