don't just lose weight, make home security a priority in 2019

The mitipi team hopes you had a safe Christmas

Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones. Family and friends got together for great dinners, games or simply some cozy hours at the fireplace. The yearly disagreements about the table-decoration have occurred once again. And regardless of the fact, that oftentimes the underlying reason wasn’t really the ugly candles but rather unresolved family issues, it was hopefully nice to decorate a tree together or cheer a glass of the wine, that had already developed a thicker dust layer than the younger bottles.

So whether you liked your Christmas or not, it is supposed to be a time of joy. Let’s make this joy last!

New Year’s resolutions

Now New Year’s Eve is approaching, we are preparing mentally for the next year to arrive. Is 2019 going to be as eventful as 2018? What can we do to keep our loved ones safe? How do we want to protect our belongings? What minor new year’s resolutions do we bother ourselves with this year, just to abort mission nine days into January?

Make safety a priority

While already signing up for the gym nearby, we might also consider preparing ourselves for potential threats against our beloved homes. Muscles won’t help if you’re not home to catch burglars in the act. And as the BKA (German Bundeskriminalamt) concluded from the past years' burglaries, most of the break-ins happen in the winter months. On average, there were 319 apartment-burglaries in Germany every day in 2017, meaning that there are even more in winter.

So while thinking about what to do differently in 2019, you might also want to consider installing a burglary prevention gadget in your home.