[Video] Are the Swiss afraid of burglaries?

We wanted to find out what Swiss people know about burglaries. Have they experienced a burglary? Are they scared of burglars in their everyday life? Our marketing employee Victor set out with Daniel from DioStuDio to find some answers. The edit is now on Youtube for all Swiss German and English speakers (subtitles) as well as everybody who just wants to know how our weird language sounds ;-)

all of them know somebody who experienced a burglary

Every single one of them knew at least someone whose house has been broken into. Some of them were even unlucky enough to have experienced multiple burglaries over the course of their grown-up life. This proved the point we made in our last post: even in a supposedly safe country such as Switzerland, burglars seem to be up to mischief.

presence simulation and the locking system are the go-tos

The most common answers to the question about what they do to prevent home invasions from happening were presence simulation and just the normal locking system. So before leaving home, they leave their TV and lights on or connect them to time switches. It goes without saying, that it is of the upmost importance to remember to lock all doors and windows.

insurance is a struggle for most

The question they struggled with the most, was about their insurance. Only one of them actually seemed confident about knowing what his insurance would pay. As you can see in the video he was also the most skeptical about insurances even wanting to pay though, so this seems to be a topic that has to be improved on. Also, the answers about what to do in the actual event of a burglary was mostly limited to the act of calling the police for help. One of the interviewees wasn’t even sure about their number, which has to be a given. It’s 117 in Switzerland, by the way!


So what we take from this mini-survey is that there needs to be a reliable source for burglary prevention and intervention actions.  We will try to make it our responsibility to inform the general public about basic knowledge like this. So stay updated! This Blog and our Youtube Channel will be the main platforms for us, to communicate guidelines and other valuable information, to boost home security and victim safety worldwide.

Victor Roth