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The most realistic IoT burglary prevention gadget today

4 reasons why security cameras alone don’t work

Thinking about burglary prevention in your house? Then you will probably pretty quickly come across a lot of security cameras that promise you to be the best solution. Every third minute, there is a burglary happening. And one third of people will become a victim during their lifetime. Naturally, people want to do something against it and security cameras seem an obvious choice at first. Let us check out why that might not be the case.

  • Doesn’t prevent your privacy from being intruded - people who have experienced a burglary mostly don’t speak about the material things that were stolen or what they had to organize in the aftermath: they worry about the intrusion of their privacy. A stranger entered their place, know how they live and was inside while they didn’t know. With a camera, the burglar has at least tried to enter, and you will still think about it after the incident.

  • Reaction - what do you actually do when you get a push message that someone has entered your place? What if you’re at work or on a holiday far away from home? You could call the police, but you don’t know how long they would take to be there. As burglars usually take less than 10 minutes, the burglars can still take what they want. All you’re left with, is a bad feeling that someone tried to enter.

  • False alarms - there are still quite some issues with false alarms. What if your pet is moving in front of the camera? What if your cleaner forgets to turn the camera off and you get notified? In general, you will be more alert and worried while you’re not home.

  • Is it even legal? - the answer to this question depends on two parameters. 1. where do you live? 2. where will you put your camera? In some countries, e.g. Germany, it is illegal to put a camera outside of your home that will film people on the street. That means you would have to put the camera inside your home. This in turn means again, that you will only catch the burglar once he’s already inside your home.

With Kevin, we wanted to do something on the prevention side and prevent burglaries before they happen, not just react. Kevin simulates presence with lights, animated shadow effects and acoustics to create a realistic representation of you. Check out more about Kevin!